Pangkor Island’s Dutch Fort

Pulau Pangkor, Perak is an island filled with various history that helped create what it is today. One of the most significant landmark left that withstood the effect of time is Dutch Fort.

The land is famous for it’s tin trading, thus the attempt by the Dutch to control the trading activities is made. Thus the remnant of an outpost of the Dutch, built in 1670 for storage and protection of tin supplies from mainland Perak. As time passed by, the Malays, being discontent with the Dutch’s method of obtaining the tins and minerals, destroyed the building in 1690. It was later rebuilt and reinforced with troops and soldiers up till 1740, where the force disbanded and the fort is left abandoned.

Under the Antiquities Act 1976, the fort was reconstructed by Malaysia’s museum department in 1973 and was gazetted as an ancient monument and ancient site. It is now surrounded by a park and a other tourist friendly facilities to accommodate those interested to indulge themselves with the history of the fort.

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