Pangkor’s Best Kept Secret… Top 3 Local Food!

What better way to get to know a place and its culture than through its food? Pulau Pangkor is filled with abundance of food, and while it is more accustomed to be related to seafood offerings by many, there are those which are known only by the locals. We at Pangkor Coral Bay are ready to share the secret list, of what lies behind the grilled fishes and anchovies!

1. Roti Goyang
One of Malaysian’s best, the Roti Canai is made better through this ingenious face lift. Imagine a sunny side up fused with a crisp yet fluffy Roti, that is what you’ll get when you order a plate of Roti Goyang at a small restaurant located right in front of Dutch Fort. The word ‘goyang’ is Malay for ‘wobble’ which is due to the still runny consistency of the egg yolk during the cooking process.

2. Laksa Goreng
Laksa is one of Malaysia’s most common food, served up with many mix variety of noodles, gravy and condiments. What makes this dish special, is the unique way of cooking foreign to laksas everywhere… frying! The process not only enhances the flavour, but creates a whole new dimension of texture from the frying process.

3. Mee Udang
Another common dish to be found throughout the land of Malaysia, the Mee Udang to be found in Pangkor is made better through the fresh, juicy prawns served up along side the spicy but sweet gravy, silky soft noodles, and a variety of condiments that compliments the overall taste of the dish.

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